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Who We Are

Schröder Marine Services is a family owned and operated service company specializing in consulting, breakbulk stevedoring, freight handling and port captain services. We pride ourselves in creating custom tailored solutions.
Jürgen Schröder, CEO, began as a seaman and climbed to executive roles in numerous companies — building over 50 years of experience in the Port of Houston. He opened Schröder Marine over 30 years ago, and began our present operations in the Turning Basin Terminal.

For Over 30 Years

Schröder Marine’s mission is to provide “Old World” service with Modern Day solutions.

Our success is founded on solid relationships and long standing trust earned by our efficient and proactive team members who are dedicated to seeing projects through to completion. We do it safely and cost-effectively. Schröder Marine is the kind of Quality You Can Trust.

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